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February 02, 2009

{Vendor} De-stressing Makeup Tip #2

As a very shiny person... and not sunshiney, but oily shiney, this next vendor tip is really great! I'm a face sweater (break a sweat on my nose before anywhere else) and I have lots of oil. It's great in that i wrinkle less due to all the moisture, but let's be real now... An Oily face is not a "dewy" face... an oily face can be distracting... so Barbara is back for her second make up Tip! Thanks Barbara, this one is really really perfect for me! :)

De-stressing Make-up Tip #2

Glowing (or shiny) bride?

The beautiful, glowing bride makes everyone happy. The “glow” comes from within… but take care to avoid the outward “shine” … the shine that comes without keeping a matte finish to your makeup for those wedding pictures. While a more-than-dewy complexion may look fine to the wedding guests, it can translate into an unattractive shine in photos. There’s even the horrifying chance you’ll look like you just finished a workout and slipped right into the wedding gown.

I recommend using a finely milled powder matched to your skin tone exactly and touching up throughout the wedding day. Blot any oil or sweat that appears with a facial blotting sheet (drug store purchase), and then lightly touch up your look with additional powder. The powder absorbs light and keeps a more matte look that allows your features to project your “glow” - not shine! Pressing, not rubbing, blotting paper on your face absorbs the oil/sweat and pushes the powder back to the surface of your skin. Here’s an emergency tip: those disposable seat covers in the ladies restroom make great blotting paper … no residue, readily available. Shhh… only tell your girlfriends.

The scoop on powder - opt for a compact rather than loose powder. It’s so much easier to control in a hurry. Avoid bare mineral powder bases. In certain lights the edges of the ground minerals reflect light and give an odd luminescence. They also don’t have the staying power or light-absorbing power of talc-based powder products. A makeup pro experienced with on-site makeup (out of the controlled lighting of a studio) can further advise you on this. We use Artistry Flawless Powder Foundation, which has gotten rave reviews!

Relax… just a minute for a quick touch-up takes away the shine and brings all the attention back to your expressive eyes and lips - where a little shine enhancement projects rather than distracts!

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  1. thought of you. check out a mustard & blue wedding:

  2. Oh, one more!

  3. I am super oily as well so any tips are appreciated! Thank you!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post! I don't need these tips for my wedding day; I need them for my every day life. Like you, I struggle with oily skin on a daily basis.

    The mineral makeup tip was really interesting. Everybody raves about mineral makeup, but it looks terrible on me. I'm trying to get rid of the shine, not put a spotlight on it, which is what I feel I’m doing when I use it.

  5. Such great tips! I definitely can get the shine that just looks strange in pictures later on...

  6. Oh man... I am SO SO SO shiny... I will definitely use these tips. I have the worst oily skin.

  7. great tips! and the toilet cover thing is hilarious!!!

  8. Oooh I'm glad you posted this.
    I always have trouble with shine!


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