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February 15, 2009

What's in a date?

What dates do you and your SO hold important to you?

Here's ours...

10/01 - Our first "date" and Juneau's Birthday

04/04 - The day FH proposed and Kota's Birthday

03/06 - Our future wedding date and also the date that FH first ever complimented me, many moons ago :)

Apparently, most of our special dates surround our pups! I don't even know if its intentional or just a date where we both stop and want to be with someone special.... maybe both! But who could resist our pups...


  1. Those are beautiful dogs. It kinda looks like they own your apartment, though - they're very spread out on your couch!

  2. Awe, I love that some of your important dates fall around your puppies birthdays. That's so cute.

    And isn't amazing how good a dog is at taking up an entire space. No matter how small they are or how big the soft comfortable bed or couch is they will make sure you cannot sit down.

  3. Those are some gorgeous pups you guys got there.

  4. Dates are so important to me too. Your dogs are so cute!!

  5. It's official, I am soooo totally in love with your pups. Let me know if you need a doggie sitter...I can travel! ;-)

  6. Awe, such cute doggies!:)

  7. I am sometimes a sucker for these fill in what's in a date for you and yours kind of things... so I did mine on my blog - you should check it out. :)

    And your dogs are really cute. REALLY REALLY cute.

  8. Oh so cute... Juneau and Kota. I like the symmetry of the dates too. Your site is looking awesome.


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