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March 09, 2009

Blurb Album?

Anybody know of anyone or any place that could create a Blurb Album? A friend of mine is looking for someone with some skills to put this together for her... Suggestions? Anyone?

PS. This would need to have a quick turn around as well... possibly no later than the end of the week (within three days even?)


  1. I think Shutterfly does great books...very customizable and I am sure you can expedite to get it returned quickly. Here is the wedding album site...

    (I made 4 with my wedding photos and they turned out great).

  2. I'd be happy to do it - I have nothing going on this week :) I love Blurb - it's who I use for my personal pic albums!

  3. Hey AmyJean, snapfish also does cute albums and they are really not that expensive. I made a couple of my kiddos.


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