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March 21, 2009

Booking our chairs

I booked our Chiavari Chairs for a great GREAT great price. Fusion Linens in Lake Forest, CA... Such a great Deal! I couldn't be happier! YAY, one more thing I can check off the list!

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  1. Breaking my heart! There are only two rental companies in the tiny island area we're getting married, and it shows - couldn't get them for less than $8.50/chair. For 140 people? No thanks.


    But thrilled for YOUR chairs!

  2. That's awesome you're getting them :)

  3. Who needs a chair cover when you have a piece of art as seating. Fab!

  4. I remember you mentioned on my blog that you had a great deal for you and you best friend who is also getting married few months apart. That is wonderful! Congratulations!!!!
    I loooooooooove chivari chairs.

  5. I love these chairs!!! Great choice!


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