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March 09, 2009

Booking the Venue

As those of you know who've been following my blog, my journey to booking my venue has been a long and arduous process - mostly b/c of the uncertainty and patience required in waiting for the 12 month mark to hit. I've had numerous emails and phone calls to the venue to make sure that I wouldn't wait 8 months for nothing and recieved the best assurances I could.

In the meantime I did book my photographer (Hazelnut Photography) and in January I booked my Live Event Artist (Karen Wall). Once the holidays passed, I began to do research on a few other vendors ... so that I could hit the ground running (stay tuned, I'll be blogging about those soon).

So on February 27, 2009 we "booked the venue".  Paola (Lovely Wedding Coordinator), SIL, FH, and I all met at the Rancho Santa Margarita Bell Tower.  My BFF Sophia and her brother also joined us, as there amazing restaurant By Brazil BBQ is catering our big day. We met with Nancy at the site and got the GRAND tour. With so many brilliant minds in one spot, we were able to ask Nancy a ton of questions - some she said she'd never heard... so apparently our minds were in full gear examining every aspect of the venue.

So without further ado... we have booked the reception area for the wedding (ceremony permits will be given in September due to other city regulations of a 6 month max rule) for March 6, 2010!!!

Our Ceremony Lawn (Permit will be received in September !!)
The area where I will walk out of to go down the aisle. It will also be where part of our cocktail hour will take place!
Rest of the cocktail hour area!
Contemplating this as the background to the sweetheart table or...
using this far well so we are closest to all guests as possible! The ballroom fits 250 comfortably with a dance floor!
Whaddya think? We definitely will be doing lots of stuff to add a little drama to the room - but i think its such a great slate to start with! :)

Update: Some pics of prior weddings... here...


  1. amy that place is amazing! what a great venue!

  2. That is a nice open place to start with. Have fun thinking up all what you can do with the area. Soon it'll be Summer and then September and then next March!

  3. Gorgeous! I'm so glad it's all working out!

  4. Congrats!! What a fabulous venue. I love the feeling of open space, and the reception room looks very pretty!

  5. Gorgeous! I love the cocktail area!

  6. Awesome! I love the gamut of wide and open as well as intimate and enclosed ... great choice! Congrats!


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