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March 10, 2009

Borrowing a great Bout Idea

From HisMrs at Blushing Bride Bulletin....

If i do my bridesmaids with the Baby's Breathe Bouquets, this could work great for the groomsmen!


  1. That's cute! And a surprisingly good looking use of baby's breath.

  2. I really love this. I have a great florist but she keeps on insisting on roses for the bouts and they just are so boring. This is a great look and just so fresh!

  3. It might also sort of put a neat guy look to it if there was one leaf on there. A nice deep green to offset the babys breath.

  4. Very cute, very different and simple, but also unique! Good choice!

  5. I agree - it would look great to have the girls & guys match.

  6. very cute. I like!!

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  7. This is way too cute!
    Love it.



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