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March 04, 2009

A good cause

It's true they say that each person you meet affects your life somehow. I have an old high school classmate who is in need of help. He's a Facebook friend, but we don't chat much... i just remember him from back when we had German Class together... and Facebook has let me know that he needs help. So i'm helping to spread the word....

This is what i know...

"After a particularly fierce cold, Glen has developed Guillain-Barre syndrome. He was admitted to UCI Medical Center's Neuroscience ICU on Friday, Jan. 30th after his legs and arms began to tingle and go numb. The numbness and ascending paralysis has continued just as described in the link provided above."

He is currently undergoing treatment... you can track his progress here. Glen doesn't have health insurance which just mounts the stress and pressure of this particular syndrome but You can also help donate to his cause, every little bit counts. Even if its $5 bucks... it can still make a huge difference!

So, always keep in mind... as many lose their jobs, lose their homes... there are others who are on the brink of losing so much more, so pay it forward and help someone out... one less Starbucks Coffee for you can make a world of difference to him!

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