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March 11, 2009

Helping out a Fellow Bride

All You DC/MD/NoVA Brides... I've got a friend who has asked me to ask my wonderful readers for advice, suggestions, vendor reviews and more for a fellow bride who is currently planning for a wedding in the Baltimore/DC area.

Have you heard of a vendor who was awesome? Awful?

Do you have a good resource where someone can really find a lot of info? (Like Weddzilla ?)

Are there any bloggers out there who are planning a Baltimore area wedding? Wanna hook up with other brides in the same area and feed off each other's research?

Leave a comment. Leave a suggestion. Leave a vendor's name... As we all know, nothing beats when one bride helps another bride... and nothing beats using more than one wedding to negotiate a vendor down in price too...

Thanks in advance Y'all!


  1. thank you so much sweetie! I appreciate the help!

  2. I'm in SoVA , I wish I could help her but my vendors would be too far south! Good Luck to your friend though!

  3. I really like WeddingWire for vendor reviews.

  4. I'm in the midst of planning a DC area wedding (live in NoVa, wedding in MD). The best info I've gotten has been on The Knot DC local board and WeddingWire. WW is great for reviews. My blog has some of my planning trials/tribulations on it... If your friend wants to email me for any specifics I'd be happy to commiserate... I mean chat... with her!


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