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March 31, 2009

I am a winner :)

Look at what marvelous thing I most recently won... (I absolutely love Blog giveaways)... From the ever so awesome Inside Inviting Company...

How cool are these... the perfect invites for the Vegas Bachelorette Party, and fun cups with cute sayings... And we all know... life is short, so gotta buy the shoes :)

Check out Inside Inviting Company for some really fun and great items for any party!


  1. Are you kidding? Did you really win invites to a vegas bachelorette party??? Are you doing that? can i come???

    Ha! They are so cool...


  2. Congrats on your winnings!!! Those are such cute things!!

  3. Those r so cute! Congrats!

  4. lucky girl! i always enter blog giveaways but never win haha


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