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March 26, 2009

Thursday morning Rant

Is it just me, or does it bother you too when a vendor refuses to negotiate... OR if they even consider it, they act like they are doing you a favor?

I don't think i'm down to be treated as if our money to pay for their services is somehow doing ME A FAVOR??? Shouldn't you AS A VENDOR want my business? UGH!

On the upside, i've got some great news coming up regarding my florist... a vendor who makes me more excited about my own wedding! Now THAT is what you want in a vendor!


  1. I completely and 100% agree with you! Some of the vendors I researched and tried out before I got married made me feel the same way....I said "see ya later" and found even better ones!

  2. Oh I totally agree. I hate how some vendors never return your calls or emails - how do they keep a business that way?!

  3. I always thought it depended on the service. For example, florists can negotiate easily since the price of flowers is always changing. Venues, not so much. The good part is, if they don't negotiate, you can always move on and find someone who will!

  4. I think it depends how popular/busy the vendors are. If they're doing great, despite the downturn, then they really don't have an obligation to negotiate because they don't really need more work. But if they're struggling and still being difficult, then who knows.

    However, I bet if you wait a while, you'll get better deals. It only seems like things are getting worse these days!

  5. Ugh-- I'm glad I don't really have to deal with vendors. Unless my photographer counts?

  6. I don't know dear... I mean I have people who try to negotiate with me for the terms of our services which are already set by firm policy and I am annoyed with them! Sorry but it's just a different point of view because I think I work hard and have set prices so that I don't have to engage in price haggling -- I see it as the same as going to the store and asking to pay 50 cents for the candy marked 75 cents. But I can also see your point of view in that these are individulized services with tangible products! love you dearly and hope it all works out.

  7. The great part about the wedding industry is that if one vendor doesn't match our needs/budget, we can usually move onto another option. I understand what you're saying though. It can be very frustrating. I feel like I've taken on a part-time job with our wedding planning. Yeah, a part-time job where money goes out, rather than coming in. :)

    Excited to hear about your florist!

  8. I'm not looking forward to that part in planning. Just remember to take ur $ where u feel its best received. Hope the other vendors are better. Bring on the flowers!

  9. That's crazy.

    Some vendors just won't negotiate. They are saying they don't want your business - they can get someone else to pay full price. Oh well, you can move on (like Jenn and K @ Blog Goggles point out).

    Nella Bella makes a point - some vendors charge prices based on what they can afford. But you need to look at their prices. Are they charging what they can afford or what everyone else charges? For example our d.j. is costing around $550, but in big cities, the same d.j. charges over $1000. Not that they need more - the equipment is about the same, right? It's that they CAN charge more. Other vendors only have a small mark up, so any negotiation affects their bottom line. You need to look at what they're charging relative to other similar vendors.

    But for those acting like it's a favour ... wow, that is rude. You may not want to work with them.

  10. I don't know, it doesn't really bother me as long as they are nice & offer other suggestions to try to work with my budget. I work in an industry where people think everything is negotiable & the fact is, some things are & some things aren't. There is very little room for me to come down in pricing and still make a reasonable profit however, I am always more than happy to suggest other products or choices that could bring the price down. I would never treat someone as if I was doing them some big favor by trying to help them - it's my job. If anyone ever makes me feel that way, I'm done with them.

    The wedding industry is quite different though. There are so may vendors available, you can always find someone to fit your needs. It may take awhile, but you can find them.


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