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March 02, 2009

{Vendor Tip} De-stressing Make Up tip #3

De-stressing Makeup Tip #3

Wedding Day Zits

The most common unwelcome guests at your wedding might be the red ones that appear on your face a day or two before – or even on the morning of - your wedding day. It is more often than not that I arrive to do makeup on the wedding day to find a bride stressing over her breakouts and how she will look in photos. Not to worry - makeup artists are skilled at covering, blending, and erasing away the zits - but what avoidance strategy can you use?

First, drink lots of water prior to the wedding day. Coffee, tea, and alcohol contribute to dehydration, so balance out the partying with some good old H2O, which your skin craves. Healthy toxin-cleansing moisture comes from within.

Second, don’t ever get a deep cleansing facial within at least 10 days of the wedding. Your skin may react and release toxins for days afterward and needs time to heal and normalize. Facials are a wonderful thing, but NEVER right before the big day.

Third, take off all your makeup before falling into bed at night. Even if you don’t wear makeup that day - still cleanse, tone & moisturize your skin before bed. Scientific research shows that the skin (your body’s largest organ) repairs and renews itself at night while you sleep. Make sure it is clean and healthy for that process. Some studies suggest that skin cell renewal peaks between 10 and 12 midnight, a great case for getting to bed earlier when possible!

What about Plan B ~ when good skin goes bad?

There are many home remedies and acne products people recommend, but on the wedding day, you don’t want something like honey or toothpaste or mashed banana or fresh papaya juice on your face. Besides the possible irritation factor (especially with toothpaste), you want some immediate magic. My best advice for wedding morning zit minimization is 1) Visine. It really takes some of the red out and disappears without notice. 2) Layer concealer and powder. If the blemish is dry, dot and press concealer over it, apply regular foundation over your face, re-dot and press concealer over it again and then dust a pressed powder over the face.
If the zit is wet, you may have to layer several times with a concealer/powder/concealer/powder repetition, pressing with your finger (not rubbing) to build a cover for the blemish.

Here is one lovely bride with whom we used Plan B – who knew?!
A shout out to the fabulous Ron of for great photo work, too.


  1. yNeat - I'm glad to hear that it can be covered up. I wash my face twice a day (when I get up and when I go to bed) and try to do everything right. But I still get the occasional pimple. I'm glad it can be covered!

  2. I've been using Mary Kay's 3-in-one cleanser.. I LOVE it. It makes my face so soft and complexion smooth. It's really helped to clear up breakouts too!

  3. I was wondering how to cover pimples and what not up. I use concealer but it was never covered. I have to press it into my skin... Thanks for the great tips!

  4. visine?!? cool can't wait to try it!

  5. This reminds me of the zit miracle someone at work told me to do the other day: Windex. I came home after work and rummaged under the kitchen sink, coming up with a bottle of 409 glass cleaner (not Windex per se, but they do the same thing, right?). I started applying it to my zits with a Q-tip as Nick stared at me in horror.

    I have to admit, it started burning so I rinsed it off. There's something about putting a chemical that you would use on a toilette on your face that freaks me out- a lot.

  6. Hey Amanda -- That's Visine, used on your delicate eyes, so no problem on your face -- not a house cleaning chemical!! Please make note!!


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