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April 30, 2009


Hey guys,

I know lately i've kinda kept a lot of my posts not too substantative ... more like (re)sharing news, ideas etc from other GREAT blogs... which is great, but i'm beginning to feel a little outta touch with y'all.

Part of the reason is that my current job is got me really busy. Also, i've had crazy weekends either traveling or planning events (My Friend's Small DC bridal shower, more details to come when i get the photos). But another reason is that i've got some REALLY REALLY BIG news coming up soon.

I know i'm a bit of a tease, but let me just say this. It's huge for me. I'm really excited. And I think it'll be a great thing for my readers as well... so please... STAY TUNED! Be Patient as there will be wedding planning updates, inspiration updates, and personal life updates REALLY REALLY SOON!

Until then, Please enter my giveaway... even if you don't want the prize, I'd love to hear your ideas/suggestions about what you love or hate about blogs as a reader! This will really help me out! And please pass it on. It ends tomorrow, but the suggestions, ideas, advice and comments are always welcome :)


  1. Can't wait to hear the big news!!!

  2. uuuhhh you're killing me amy jean - I won't be able to sleep until I know what this news is lol

  3. oh dear, you have me waiting with bated breath!

  4. Seriously... the suspense is killing me.

  5. I'm never good with teasers. Can't wait to hear the news!!

  6. this is exciting...can't wait to hear!!

  7. EEEP! Excited to hear what it is!

  8. i have a couple of guesses, can't wait to hear it all :) :) :) :) hugs aj!

  9. Ahhh Such a tease!!! I can't wait to hear the news!!! :)


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