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April 20, 2009

Booked my Lighting Vendor

I have finally booked my lighting vendor... and I only say "finally" because it did take a little while.

As we all know, i'm pretty uneducated when it comes to lighting. I did some research (here, here and here) and thought i had an idea of what i wanted. WOW. There is so much more to lighting than what we just see... thus, finding the perfect lighting vendor.

Now remember this post? Well, that was about my situation with "our" lighting guy. I knew he had experience and quality work, so much so that i even referred him to get the business of my friend's June wedding... but bedside manners are important. And whether that's email etiquette, phone, or in person... you want to be left feeling happy and important, not slighted and made to feel like i should be fortunate for the time given to me... Now, I was close to sending out my contract... I wasn't happy with our price but still knew it was a good deal. "our" lighting guy had "price matched" to keep our business... but he still left a bad taste in my mouth...

This is when i approached a few others. One was someone my coordinator recommended and another was someone i found off of google. Now, "our" lighting guy told me, that this was "the best deal" he could give me considering the "huge discount" he already offered (it was a price match, not a discount) and that he didn't think i'd be able to find a better deal elsewhere.

Well let me introduce my better deal... Props FX Productions! And a few samples of their work...


So, ladies (and gents)... if you get a bad vibe, a bad feeling... or something that just makes you feel not right about a vendor... keep looking. There are better deals to be had. Don't let anyone tell you that this is the best deal you will be able to find. I'm very happy with my choice. Brady has been awesome and was someone my coordinator highly recommended on her list of 3-5 lighting vendors from the very beginning. And when i say i got a "better" deal, it was a WAY WAY Better deal!


  1. wow - it's amazing how lighting can really change a space and set the mood. Nice choice!

  2. cool! I'll keep that in mind :)

  3. That's great! One more thing knocked off your list!

  4. Lovely. You're gonna have some awesome light shows.

  5. Lighting can completely transform a room! Thats so exciting you have it booked!

  6. That top photo is amazing. You have completely convinced me that we must have lighting in our venue (I was on the fence).

  7. So pretty, that first photograph is so nice!


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