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April 15, 2009

Carrine's Bridal

So on my DC Metro tour of Salons: Hitched Salon, TerriLynn Bridal, and the last (but not least), i visited was Carine's Bridal in Georgetown!
The ladies at Carine's were pretty awesome, and they helped me to verbalize the lessons I had learned over the past week regarding my body shape and what looks best. The selection was very nice there and pretty large. We went through and picked out a few that either I liked or that was suggested and then dove right in (no pun intended).
I found two dresses that i think both my mom and I really liked. Both very different from the other, but having a similar type feel. One was a Melissa Sweet and the other was Monique Lhullier. Both gorgeous. We're still in deciding mode!
So what did i learn?
Although i thought that b/c my arms are big, and my chest/shoulders/back area are broad and chubby (total Cone shaped body), that I'd need something to cover my arms. Well no, actually I don't want to do that as it draws attention to that area.
What I learned at Carine's is that
1. anything with patterns coming from the floor up would shrink me, whereas if they were coming down the bodice or down the dress, it would elongate me.
2. A-line and modified A lines are probably best on my body type
3. Stay away from the crumb catchers (even though i love them) as they emphasize the chest area
4. If i do pick ups, they shouldn't be throughout or just on the bottom, but rather in the mid thigh area to balance out my shoulders.
5. Emphasizing and focusing the attention to my waist... KEY in focusing my attention to a fuller figure instead of just broad shoulders!
6. If i do a sleeker more fitted modified A-Line look, I can do a dramatic long veil (YAY!) and there is many many ways to wear that veil!!!
I had a great time there and now have a lot to digest. I've been to three salons: Hitched Salon, TerriLynn Bridal and Carine's Bridal and have come away with 2 dresses i really loved from each one of these Salons. I've met some very lovely ladies who definitely were so knowledgeable about fabric, looks, proportions, designers, body types and more... I'd suggest all three of these places with equal endorsement b/c the designers are all different but the service was all FABULOUS! And make sure to let them know that I sent ya! :)


  1. Wow, you learned a lot while out dress shopping! That is awesome. I seemed to learn as I tried on. I definitely learned that if I wanted to eat anything or drink anything on my wedding day I should probably stay away from a form fitting mermaid dress because I would obsess over it.

    Good luck dress shopping!!!!

  2. I also loved Carine's - they were very friendly and definitely the most helpful place I've been when it comes to figuring out the right dress for my body. Plus, I really felt like they gave me honest opinions about what looked good on me - and what didn't!

  3.'ve really done your body type homework...fabulous! And if you're choosing between Melissa Sweet and Monique Lhullier - I'd say you're definitely on the right path! I can't wait to see what you choose...:-)

  4. I like what they had to say about modified A-lines. They're so classy and refined. You just can't lose. I know Melissa Sweet may have a couple in her collection

  5. Good luck with deciding on the dress. It sounds like you'll choose just the right one for you. Can't wait to see what you decided!!


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