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April 29, 2009

Dress Shopping Tips

Great post borrowed from Ritzy Bee... and Leigh Ann was the totally awesome Girl I had with my first Dress shopping experience that really made that moment Amazing for me! :) Check out her great advice she posted on Ritzy Bee!

Does the thought of wedding dress shopping have you feeling overwhelmed? We are thrilled for a {very} special guest post today with some fantastic wedding dress shopping advice from our good friend Leigh Ann at Hitched in Georgetown. We love Hitched since they carry so many fabulous dress lines and designs...they are the best in the business for helping brides to get hitched {and stitched}!

Hello, fabulous {ritzy bee} readers! As a huge fan of Maria’s blog and creative event planning skills and advice, I was thrilled when she asked me to guest blog. At Hitched, we see all types of brides, so it was hard to pinpoint my “Top 5” gown shopping tips—but here goes!
1. Start early. It’s a good idea to order your gown 6-9 months before the wedding in order to avoid those dreaded rush fees, so starting the process about a year out from the big day (or sooner) is wise. As soon as you’ve secured the location and have an idea of the overall vibe of your wedding, the dress is the next step! However, if you’re working with a shorter time frame, don’t fret—at Hitched, for example, we carry many designers who are able to turn things around quickly if need be. A quick turnaround doesn’t mean you can’t have the dress of your dreams!
Keep in mind that deciding on your gown will also help set the tone for the other visual elements (flowers, bridesmaid dresses, etc.). Of course, take your time shopping, and continue to do so until you feel confident that you’ve found “the dress,” but once you have—pull the trigger! You don’t want to risk the gown of your dreams being discontinued, which can happen without warning.
Amsale Reese

{Amsale gown, available at Hitched. Photo credit:}

2. Know yourself, but trust the experts. It’s helpful to start the shopping process with some sort of idea of what you’re looking for. If you want, you can bring in a couple of magazine cutouts, or simply describe to the bridal consultant some visual elements that you’d like to find in a gown. Staying true to your personal style will help steer her in the right direction, but be open to trying some things that she suggests for you as well. Remember that the dresses you’ve seen on models may or may not be a great match for you. The consultant should be able to steer you towards things that will be flattering on your shape, giving you more options of potential dresses to love.
Ulla-Maija Anouk

{Ulla-Maija Anouk gown available at Hitched. Photo credit:}

Oscar de la Renta Flower

{Oscar de la Renta Flower gown available at Hitched. Photo credit:}

3. Choose your shopping companions wisely. In the early stages of the shopping process, think about what kind of shopping experience is best for you. Consider shopping with someone in your life who will be able to help you tease out your own reactions to the gowns, or consider shopping alone. Try to create a shopping experience where you will be most comfortable making a decision. Do you normally like making decisions on your own, or taking a poll of other people’s opinions? Evaluating what makes you comfortable will help you decide whether to shop in a more intimate setting, or with an entourage of lovely ladies.
Judd Waddell Tiered Organza

{Judd Waddell tiered organza gown available at Hitched. Photo credit:}

Modern Trousseau Gizelle

{Modern Trousseau Gizelle gown available at Hitched. Photo credit:}

4. Don’t be afraid: to like something that’s not in your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to make a decision when you feel like you’ve found “the one.” Don’t be afraid if you don’t have that crying, “a-ha!” moment that you’ve heard about (for many brides, it’s more of a logistical, narrowing-down process). Don’t be afraid to ask questions, because changes can almost always be made to custom ordered gowns. Don’t be afraid to stand up for the gown that makes YOU feel spectacular, even if it’s not your mom’s absolute favorite. Don’t forget—everyone’s going to think you look beautiful in whatever you choose.
Suzanne Ermann group dress photo

{Suzanne Ermann gown, select styles available at Hitched. Photo credit:}
5. Focus on the big picture. Shopping for a custom ordered gown often requires a fair bit of imagination, since the sample sizes rarely fit perfectly. Do your best to look past the clips and elastic, and remember that when YOUR dress comes in, it will be tailored to fit you, and won’t have been tried on by other brides-to-be (which can often lead to wrinkled or faded fabric). Also, think about what the finished product will look like in your photos, at the location you’ve chosen, with the flowers that you’re considering, and standing next to your groom. Of course, his heart will melt regardless of what you’re wearing, but sometimes when you’re down to 2 or 3 dresses, picturing him standing next to you will help make the decision clear.
Hitched gown racks

{Hitched gowns. Photo credit: Logan Martin Photography}

Aren't these some great tips? And if you are in the DC area, make sure to stop by Hitched. It is an amazing experience!


  1. I am terrified of dress shopping...any tips I can steal are a god-sent. thanks.

  2. The dress I bought was the exact opposite of what I had been shopping and shopping and shopping for. The one thing I agree with most is don't be afraid. I HAD to try on things I thought I hated to find The One.

  3. Great tips and such purrty dresses! I'm loving the Amsale gown with the pockets.

  4. Great post and I hope this feature is a regular

  5. Very good tips! And, those dresses are so gorgeous!

  6. Shopping might be tiring but girls, won’t feel it even when they get into their own house. They would still enjoy looking and fitting on the clothes that they have shopped. This is how women spend their leisure time or pampering their selves.


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