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April 05, 2009

Filene's Bridal Run

Yesterday in the DC area, there was the infamous "Running of the Brides"!

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Now before you tell me i'm crazy for doing the run, let me just tell you... I am not that brave. Instead, one of my BM's (who's also a bride), my mother and I went to Filene's around 5pm. There was still hundreds and hundreds of dresses and we were there for about 2 hours or more searching through the racks and racks of wedding dresses.

Now, after my trip to Hitched Salon on Thursday night (post to be discussed this week) and my first encounter with Ulla Maija, I was in search of meeting with Ulla Maija again. Alas... she was not there! But many other big designers were present.

My BM already had a dress (she was gonna rent)... but, as Murphy's law would have it... she found a gorgeous Priscilla of Boston for $499!!!! WHAT A DEAL! My mother and I told her, there was no way she could not pass up this dress b/c it was made for her. Literally aside from pulling in due to wedding planning last minute weight loss stress, the length and everything was Just GORGEOUS!

So ... i'd definitely stop by again in July (at the next Running of the Brides), if i should not have a dress by then... definitely worth the trip - but i still am not brave enough to do the running part :)


  1. That sounds like fun, I would totally do it! COngrats to your friend!

  2. I always wanted to do that.

    My great-grandma used to be a seamstress at the one in Boston. She said those brides were "crazy as hell"

  3. For some reason, Canadian I guess, I always thought this was a myth. But I'm reading about it more and more. Crazy.

  4. I wouldn't do the running part either, but I wish there was something like this in TX! I just know ur friend will look fabulous in her gown!

  5. I did end up going after recuperating (=napping). I got there at 9:10pm and stayed till 9:35 when they told you get out. I tried on two dresses and browsed through lots more. I might have found one if I had spent more time there, but Thu and Fri (and even worse on Sat), I was pretty sick. Thankful I'm feeling better now. The one I tried was Melissa Sweet for $699, and it was nice, but it was 2 sizes too small, wouldn't even zip up.

  6. That's an awesome deal on the dress. I've seen the run on CSI but didn't think it really happened like that!!

  7. I love Running Of The Brides...its actually fun doing it early!


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