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April 27, 2009

A friend of a friend of a friend...

Because I believe the blogging world is a great place, I wanted to share with you and encourage you to take a minute to help out this happy couple... A friend of mine emailed me about an email she received that was forwarded from another friend...Yes, many degrees of separation but the world is a small place... So read on, take a moment, and help out another bride in need!

As most of you already know, Scott and I are engaged! We are beginning
our planning and in our research have stumbled upon an interesting
opportunity. A friend of Scott's from high school is running a contest
where the top 5 voted videos (or stories) get a destination wedding
for 10 to the Bahamas! Of course, it is a long shot, but since his
friend is in charge of the event and she keeps encouraging us, we made
up a video. Now, we just need your votes! Click here and
vote ours to be the best story. And pass it along to all of your
friends!!! The more the merrier:)

Just to be warned- its gets a bit cheesy- this contest is all about
the Bahamas- so we lay it on pretty thick:) Laugh all you want- just
don't forget to vote:) You have until May 17th, so Vote NOW!  :)


  1. American friend found your blog mavilhoso. I love your country. I do not want to make the Brazilian President to the IMF money. And our people need a good medical care, public safety and so on. Hug a friend of the Manoel Limoeiro Brazil.

    Friend love you like you were my follower on my blog. Do it please ok baby. A hug from: Manoel do Brazil.


  2. Uhhh, very weird comment above. regardless I voted! Hope they win!

  3. I am that friend of a friend of a friend. Thank you for voting for us! We have lots of people we'd like to include in our wedding, but sadly, not the budget- wining this would help so much! (and please ignore that first comment... odd)
    Thank You Thank You!!


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