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April 18, 2009

How much will your Wedding Cost?

I just ran across this Wedding Cost Estimator

What was your cost?


  1. Wow between 20, and 30K for both Chicago (where I live), and Detroit (where I will be getting married)

  2. Yeah..... I know this is way too high
    On average, couples that live in Miller township: Dearborn County, IN 47025 spend between $17,134 and $28,557.

  3. mine says between $12,698 and $21,163 whooo hooo, lol

  4. $32K - $53K for our town...we'll be spending about half of that $32K!

  5. $13,310 and $22,183 for wedding city Baltimore
    $38k to 63k for Ben's home Arlington
    $47k to 78k for my Rockville
    Hmm... maybe I should look at dresses, makeup, flowers, lighting in Baltimore instead of NOVA?

  6. Wow, and I thought our city was expensive. San Diego is between $21,418 and $35,697. Yup, I believe it!

  7. You don't want to know {nor really do I!}...I never added it up!! Probably never will!!


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