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May 01, 2009

Jewelry Giveaway

This week, Relentless Bride will be hosting our personal jewelry giveaway.

What you win: Pink Swarovski Crystal Ring with seed beads. Custom made by MY MOM :) That's right, my mom made this ring! So it's definitely one of a kind!
When you can win it: Enter as many times as you'd like by Friday May 1, 2009
How to win it:

Two Parts:
1. Show me your a loyal reader :)
2. I want your input
  • What do you like best about blog content?
  • What do you like best about blog layouts?
  • What do you like least about certain blog content?
  • What do you like least about blog layouts?
  • What features do you think are essential to a great blog?
  • What blogs do you like to visit?
Make sure to do #1 and to answer ONE question from #2. For each answer from #2 section, you should enter a new comment, so it can count as its own entry. PLEASE ensure your email or contact info is easily accessible so that I can email you.

Extra 2 Entries - repost this giveaway on your blog, and I'll put two entries in for you. Just make sure you leave a comment with a link back :)

Make sure to enter now to win the above one of a kind Pink Swarovski Crystal/Seed Bead ring :)


  1. wow what an amazing ring!! please sign me up to win!!

  2. i love it when blog layouts are easy to manage and aren't cluttered!

  3. i also love it when there are labels and there are easy ways to access past blog posts easily!

  4. i follow you on twitter!!

  5. i hate it when blogs are sporatic and they don't focus on one things, although sometimes those blogs are nice to read for a change!

  6. Already a follower, so I just became a fan on facebook!

    I LOVE inspiration pictures. Whether wedding or otherwise, I love seeing very well done pictures!

  7. I have about a jillion blogs that I follow through the Blogger reader... some of them that I get excited to see are:
    As you can see, I love to read about a whole bunch of different things in a single day!

  8. wow what a cute ring! i would love to win it!!


  9. Love the ring- I have the perfect shirt it would match- love to win!!

  10. I love giveaways- as they are fun and let you learn more about the blogger and I love product reviews!!

  11. I'm already a follower.
    I read your blog via Google Reader so I don't see your page every day. I like blogs that have pictures, that talk about things the writer is passionate about, and that post frequently.
    I think you do a marvelous job. You are witty and passionate about planning your wedding. I love to see when you post!

  12. I cant wait for your BIG news- I love the anticipation- keeps me coming back- you need to check out my latest "I DO" frame giveaway and let your readers know!! Thanks!

  13. I love different blogs for different reasons, but the common thread is that they all show passion and humor/personality. I always enjoy reading your posts :)

  14. I love, love pictures on blogs. The more pictures the better!

  15. one of my favorite blogs to follow is I live vicariously through her and her life in New York! Plus she always has amazing pictures!

  16. BTW: Your mom is pretty talented...that's an awesome ring! :)


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