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April 06, 2009

My Hitched Experience

So as y'all know... I attended a great event at I'm Hitched planned by Maria @Ritzy Bee that was not only informative but very fun. So when my mother and I decided she must make it out to the DC area for a last minute fun trip... we decided to share our first mother-daughter Wedding dress shopping experience at Hitched Salon!

I have to say, I don't know what I expected. I'm still far away from my goal weight, very insecure and uncomfortable with my arms and back fat... the worst part of being top heavy is showing your arms becomes an embarassment instead of a relief... I was very insecure and wasn't sure if my first dress experience would just leave me feeling more insecure, more unhappy and more stressed out and frustrated. BUT... the whole experience was EXACTLY how i had hoped it would be.

I had an appointment with Leigh Ann, who was cute, knowledgeable, friendly and just super sweet. She knew what she was doing and helped me figure out what I was looking for ... b/c let me tell you, I was a blank slate. This could be good and bad, but for some - very frustrating when all my responses are "i don't know". But Leigh Ann was awesome... b/c i wanted to try on many different things and Leigh Ann was very open to that, and as we tried things on, she asked what i liked, didn't like, etc and then began making suggestions and we got an idea of what i liked on myself :)

I always imagined the big poofy princess dress... but as my reality is becoming nearer and nearer, i realized it may not look great on me. I've heard it may make me appear shorter... which on my small 5'5 frame... is not good.

This is when the moment happened... I met Ulla Maija. A designer i had never heard of, but WOW! Leigh Ann said something along the lines of "an architect of design" and it was so true. The dresses didn't have pick ups, they had this draped effect with different lengths of fabric, different areas where it was pinned, and just so many different edges and structure... it was glorious. And wouldn't you know the top two dresses i loved... BOTH Ulla Maija. And both way over budget. Granted i budgeted like 1k... thinking its just a dress. But now. i realize. i. was. very. very. very. very. wrong... and now, i can see why some women end up spending so much... b/c when i came home to look at the dress online... i actually thought "that dress looked better on me" than that model! A MODEL!!!! So.. i must be in love. Or blinded.

I'm still not ready to share with the world yet what those dresses are. Just not sure about the FH seeing anything. But I know its over budget. But i know i'm in love. IN LOVE! And although i've been told, you only wear it once... i'm actually thinking i'd like to just hang out in the dress after the wedding. Maybe throw a "wear a wedding dress and chill" type get together, where my friends and i can just chill in our wedding dresses... why not? I'd seriously wear both of those dresses EVERY DAY if people wouldn't think me odd...ok, odder!

For any of y'all in the DC sure to check out Leigh Ann at Hitched Salon. SHE WAS AWESOME~ and the salon has great dresses! And it was just the perfect first dress experience... exactly what i had hoped for. And i was worried that the night would end up in tears, until I met Leigh Ann and realized, this is gonna be awesome. (Make sure to tell her "Amy Jean sent ya")

Like i said to FH "I felt like a princess!" and i definitely didn't feel that way after my Filene's Trip... so he responded with "well i guess we need to fudge things around within our budget!" ::sigh:: i'm a lucky girl!


  1. YAY!!! I am so glad that you had a great experience! I have the same insecurities, but I refuse to not let myself enjoy this planning process because of my weight. Believe me, I hate just about every inch of my body but I knew I had to suck it up and go with what I was given. I ended up picking a gorgeous dress that I think was made just for my body! I can't wait to see yours :)

  2. I'm glad you had a good experience.

    Just remember every bride looks beautiful on her wedding day not because she spend months before dieting, eating nothing but broccoli and using $200 skin systems but because she's marrying the man she loves the most in the world.

  3. I ended up buying a dress that cost more than I wanted to spend too... The thing is, I tried on SO MANY and really hit on all points of the budget spectrum. And this one (certainly not the most expensive, but definitely in the upper tier of what I tried on) was the only one that felt really, truly like ME. It couldn't be helped. Go with your gut.

  4. Sometimes I regret not having the full-on bridal salon experience....

  5. @ESB: you could go with a friend who's getting married and pretend that you are too...

  6. Wow - so glad to hear you had such a fun time! What were the things that helped you narrow it down? (i.e. what did Leigh Ann ask?)

  7. oh, i'm so glad you had a great experience ... whether or not you hit goal weight before the wedding, you need to feel beautiful. i think the dresses suggested by leigh ann do that!

  8. Oh I am SO in for a "wear a wedding dress and chill" party. I have to wear mine again after the wedding!


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