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April 30, 2009 didja know?

So you know i'm a big big fan of Real Simple Weddings! Well, I was recently introduced to, and i had no clue how much wedding content they had on their site... didja know?


Budget-Friendly Wedding Ideas: Candied Pecan

Bachelorette Party Food to Remember

Planning a Wedding Reception Menu

Tying the Knot and Tailgating

Let’s Do Brunch

Eat Like a Bride

Incredible, Edible… Me?
All images from the related sites off Go check it out ! :) It's full of great ideas, awesome recipes and interesting articles !!!


  1. love that, "eat like a bride bit" - that's funny (not really MY diet...but funny none the less)

  2. MyRecipes is really impressive in its breadth and scope! Love that site :)

  3. omg brilliant! I've been looking for a good Southern-ish make-ahead favor and I never though of sugared & spiced pecans!!! I love those, usually make it in small batches to throw on a salad in place of croutons. Thanks for the reference!!

  4. Yes and I love their site! I go to them for quick recipies and the reviews are very helpful when testing out new recpies!

  5. I'm so glad you posted this! I had no idea!

  6. thanks i am trying to find inspiration for a dinner party i will go check it out. i am bored with epicurious.


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