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April 09, 2009

Stopped By TerriLynn's Bridal

I had an excellent experience at TerriLynn Bridal Salon in Bethesda this past Tuesday. (Isn't the store just so sweet?)

My second salon experience after my wonderful experience at Hitched Salon last Thursday! And I can honestly say it was a very very good experience. (2 for 2 for salons!) I think i'm just really lucky or these bridal salons just really know what they are doing!

We tried on MANY MANY dresses there, and we narrowed it down to a few. Then a spontaneous "try that one on!" from my mom in the corner, a dress made with lace (which mom said she doesn't like) and a bunch of tulle and it was a Mermaid/Trumpet style dress. A dress i noticed but was not brave enough to try on. Why? B/c we all know the mermaid style makes your butt look bigger. Um, I just didn't think it'd be very flattering.

Well... as predicted, when you think one way - you are proven wrong. This dress was awesome on me! (Not to brag, but i am still just so surprised). It was different, sassy, romantic, yet modern. A whole bunch of unique rolled up into one. It had to get on the list.

The other dress we did like, which i know most of us have seen in the mags was the Paloma Blanco

This dress was simple. Gorgeous. There was some small detail that accentuated the dress and the Mantilla Veil goes gorgeously. And we all know I love me some Mantilla Veil! But... yes there is a "but"... i do think it may be too classic of a look for me. The dress itself felt wonderful on but i didn't get the WOW inside of my gut. However, b/c i did like how it looked on... it did make the "cut!"

Overall, we found two dresses we liked, one we liked more than the other ... gave me that wow feeling, but i still haven't shed a tear yet... and i hear that you do cry when you try on "the one". Did you cry when you tried on "the one"?

Ladies, any of you in the Bethesda/DC Metro area... check out TerriLynn Bridal Salon too - tell them Amy sent ya! She was super nice and had a great selection! :)


  1. That dress is sooo beautiful! I agree, you'll "feel it" when you try on THE ONE. :)

  2. I love that dress, and another good salon, can't beat that. Glad you had a great ecperience :)

  3. That's a really pretty dress!

  4. I didn't cry, but I did a little dance. :) That's how everyone knew it was mine.

  5. I wouldn't set the bar at tears. There are a lot of different ways to know things in this world:).

  6. I didn't cry when I found the one but my mom started to tear up! I think it was more of that butterflies in the stomach/excited feeling was how I knew that it was the one!

    Glad you had luck shopping!!!

  7. Oh, and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog today!

  8. hello friend excellent post about Stopped By TerriLynn's Bridal" thanks for sharing!!

  9. I sized the dress according to the sizing chart and it fits! I will get it tailored slightly now that it has arrived, thought the company was very willing to work with my measurements to get me my perfect fit.


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