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May 01, 2009

Are you being affected by Swine Flu?

So my girl who was having her DW in Puerto Vallarta on 5/16 is now not sure if things are a go... Palace resorts is willing to postpone but not refund any money (well up to 9 days prior, you pay $100 per person cancellation and lose 75% of room costs). Airlines are waiving change charges but not issuing refunds either.

She's positive and staying hopeful. She's worried about those who are infected and the families of those infected. She knows that it could be worse, and she could be that bride who is already in Mexico and all her guests (including family) cancelled for this weekend. She knows that there are things more important than her wedding ... she has got a good head on her shoulders and a beautiful heart... worried about how it will affect her guests financially and physically... things are hanging in the balance.

Anybody else been affected by the swine flu? Curious about the stories!


  1. Oh wow, that is sad, but wonderful she is staying positive throughout this whole flu craziness!

  2. That breaks my heart. I'm glad she's keeping things in perspective and thinking of the bigger picture.

  3. wow! i feel so bad for her. we are getting married outside of puerto vallarta next march and i am already so annoyed by swine flu and feel like people are wary-- but it's 10 months away. i feel for her!

  4. Thats tough, I feel bad. My friend is going through the same thing, she switched her bachelorette party from Cancun to Jamaica last minute out of concern.

  5. I have friends getting married this weekend in Mexico and we were all wondering if they were going to cancel and they went! I say good for them. They just have to take care and be smart. Just like if someone at work had the regular flu. There is not one reported case in the area they are though. The resort was willing to reschedule everything, but they would have been stuck with the plane tickets. The only catch is that some of the guests flying down there jobs are making them wait a few more days for an incubation period before returning to work. I would tell her to go, but to be understanding if some guests back out. Good luck to her!!

  6. Aww, I hope things work out for her. She seems to have a good outlook despite it all!

  7. That's horrible!! I hope things will eventually work out for her. It's scary when these things happen.

  8. Oh my goodness! I can't imagine being stuck in that position... how frustrating to have your whole wedding postponed!

  9. Well, i'm mexican and we got married on May 2nd, right in the middle of all the restrictions our government set up as a protection of the swine flu virus...and we had to change everything just the day before!
    we knew all churches were closed, so that meant we weren't going to have our ceremony in my lovely church, our venue was under threat (if we had our party there, it was going to be fined), our caterer canceled on us the day before, so that meant no food, no drinks, no waiters!

    It was the worst nightmare a bride could have imagined, but surprisingly i was calm and tried my best to deal with the situation... we talked to the caterer and he agreed to provide us only food but no other services, so our dear friends offered to waiter during the reception!
    We changed our venue and decided to have both religious ceremony and reception in my family's little ranch, right in the middle of nowhere, at 4 pm instead of 7 pm, so our guests could arrive while we still had sunlight just in case electricity decided to cancel on us too!
    We bought all flowers and my girlfriends helped me to make all centerpieces and bouquets, my make-up and hair appointment was changed, our cake's decoration was uncompleted by the time we went to picked it (we picked everything ourselves and took it to the ranch: chairs, tables, linens, food and beverages, flowers, cake, decorations, everything just the day before!)
    But on saturday at 4 pm, with our closest family and friends, we had the ceremony under a modest wood tent, and my heart was beating like crazy when I saw through the veil my handsome groom at the end of the aisle, waiting for me with teared eyes... and from that moment on, everything became to me a blur, a rush, a brief moment of 5 hours spend with our guests, laughing, joking, hugging, crying of pure happiness...
    After all we made through, May 2nd was a perfect day made of all kind of imperfections, with every second full of love and joy, and i wouldn't change it for anything!


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