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May 27, 2009

Cocktail Reception PVR

So the first day we arrived, later that evening, we had a cocktail reception for those who had arrived for the wedding. It was a very informal event where we sat around and talked, took lots of pictures and then later went to Karaoke in the lobby Bar!

Here are some few photos to check out...

The Groom to be... with My Groom to be :)
Beautiful view
The Bride and Groom
The MOH with the Bride... they look like sisters, don't they?
Bride, Groom with the Bride's Parents
Groom and Bride, with the Bride's brother and sister in law
Siblings that attended the wedding (Brother of the bride, Brothers of the Groom, Groom, Bride, Sister of the Groom, SIL of the Groom and the Brother of the groom)
It was like Papparazi... 
Aunt and Uncle of the Bride with the Groom and the bride
MOH, two long time best friends, Bride... 
It's really sweet how the friendships have come full circle
My FH singing with My girl Red... It was a big WOW moment, since FH isn't the "karaoking" type
Stone, Groom and Bride singing ... what else, but VANILLA ICE!
The first night was such a blast....the cocktail hour was a good ice breaker to mix and mingle the crowd that had come to celebrate this great occasion!!!
Stay tuned for the rehearsal and Dinner Pictures!


  1. I was thinking just the other day, wow, can not believe [her FH] was kareoking! And us together! It was awesome! Well, the experience of us doing something together, not the actual performance...

  2. wonderful photos! good work!


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