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May 18, 2009

Great Giveaway

So since we all love great designs and unique and specialized items, I'm very excited about this weeks' giveaway! :)

Victoria over at HCC Custom Garter's contacted me about a giveaway, and i'm really excited b/c not only she is really cool but she's got some awesome items... check them out.
Customized with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date
Swarovski Crystal Heirloom Garter
Cameo Garters...
I have a friend whose husband is an avid hunter, and I can only imagine how much he'd love this one!
Monogrammed sports garter with your favorite team
Florida Gators inspired below
And how cool is the pocket garter, a place to keep things? AWESOME!
How to enter:
2. Peruse the site and find something you like, or if you can't find it, something you'd like and have Victoria create specifically for you
3. Come back here and leave a comment with what it is.
4. You can enter a new comment once a day until Friday 05/22/2009 11:59PM/23:59 starting today.
Extra entries

1. Become a fan on facebook for both HCC Custom Garters and/or Relentless Bride and then leave a comment letting me know that you have "fan"ned us.

2. Repost on your blog, and let me know you reposted by leaving a comment to that effect
Who can win:
1. Anybody in the world :)
What will you win:
$75.00 towards any garter of your choice
How I will pick a winner:


  1. I love the Cinderella style 01. I definitely like the one labeled 123CIN149.

  2. I'd love something simple like the 198MON132.

  3. I'd go for the leopard print because I like(107LEP427), or do a custom one with my fiance's favorite team- the Chicago Bears.

  4. Fanned RB on Facebook, but couldn't find HCC. :(

  5. Hello gals this is Victoria at HCC Custom Wedding garters.

    The link in the contest is not working for some reason - but you can fan me at this link :)

    hopefully Amy will have the ability to fix the link to my facebook page soon :)

  6. I'd love an FSU/UF custom garter. We're a mixed household.

  7. Wow - I like DKBL503, but without the ornament that's there. I'd just change the ornament to a rose or a cameo (such as the decorations from the Victorian garter collection).

    And I'm a fan of RB and HCC

  8. I really like the SC9500 with the crystals - I would have to do red with black or gold embroidery to fit our colors!

  9. Oh man they are all great! I love the batgirl one! But I think I would choose a sports themed one, maybe for the rangers or the giants!!

  10. OMG- I LOVE THE UF Gators garter. This is the cutest. My fiancee and I both went to UF. I would love to win!!!

  11. I fanned you guys on Facebook.

    Also I looked through but was hoping for something kind of science/biology (no bugs) themed ones to surprise my Future Husband.


    I loove this one! it's simple and it has HELLO KITTY on it. SO cute!!!!!

  13. I really love the 96LUX2002 garter. It's just so classic and girly...something I'd love to use...

  14. I really like the polka dots, I'd like brown and light green polka dots!!

  15. I like PNK414.

  16. I like the yellow black 991T084

  17. The winner is picked! Woo hoo - thank you to all who participated.

    For everyon who commented - I'd like to offer you 30% off an order if you place it this week.

    just email me - subject - Relentless bride contest.

    :) happy Week everyone


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