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May 19, 2009

Tanning do's for your Wedding

From a newsletter from Hollywood Tans written by Hollywood Tans’ Senior Tanologist Sue Lutter... Tips to get the right "tan" on your wedding day!

1. Start Fresh – For the best spray tan results, exfoliate and clean your skin to remove any oil fragrances or deodorants and expose the top layer of skin. If you need to shave, do it before rather than after the spray tan since shaving does remove some dead skin.

2. Don’t Mix Oil and Water – Spray tan solutions are water-based and it’s best to use a water-based moisturizer before you tan. Oil-based moisturizers may prohibit the spray tan from developing to the best of its ability.

3. Protect Fingernails, Toenails and Hands – Use barrier cream on your fingernails, toenails and palms of hands to prevent these areas from absorbing the tan solution, since they would not normally tan with natural UV exposure.

4. Pull Hair Back – Loose hair can cause lines around your face or neck area. For the best results, pull hair back in a shower cap placed above your hairline and leave a tiny bit of your hair exposed to prevent lines around your face. Make sure you place the cap behind your ears, too.

5. Scent Up and Add On – Use spray tan aroma droplets to enhance the tanning experience and leave with a fresh scent. Also, available as an additive to Mystic Tan’s original Tanning Myst™ spray cartridges, The HyperTan™ Tanning Accelerator will reduce the time it takes for a sunless tan to develop by approximately half while BronzBoost™ will apply instant color to skin. Use these products in concert and they’ll create a deep, natural-looking tan that peaks in less than four hours.

6. Practice Good Form Body position is important for consistent coverage. Follow the audio instructions given to you during your session and place your feet in the designated position. Also, raise your elbows slightly to create a small gap under your arms and spread your fingers apart so that you don’t get white creases in between.

7. Pat Down When your spray tan session is complete and you’ve left the booth, get a dry towel and use a patting motion to remove any excess solution. Use a baby wipe or moist towel to wipe off the palms of your hands, soles of your feet and in between your fingers and toes. Wash your hands with soap and water but be sure not to go past your wrist.

8. Wait to Shower You should wait four to six hours after your spray tan to shower so it has time to set. Also, avoid the gym or the pool until you have taken a shower first.

9. Moisturize to Maintain A spray tan usually lasts between five and seven days, but you can extend the life of your tan and ensure even fading by using moisturizer often, since DHA (the ingredient that gives your skin the color) is a natural skin-drying agent.

10. Sample a Signature Cocktail – Try Hollywood Tans’ unique combination tanning regimen of UV and UV-Free tanning. Use the UV tanning booth to open up pores and give skin a bit of color and then use the HT Instant Tan powered by Mystic Tan to give you a natural-looking tan in just minutes.


  1. Thanks for the tips. I LOVE to spray tan... Mystic Tan all the way! I'm pretty fair so this has given me the opportunity to have a glow year round. I reccommend it to anyone! I use the clear and it looks very natural!

  2. Hmm I need to give this another shot. I tried a spray booth a few years ago and it looked nice but came off in huge streaks within a few days.

  3. I am bad.....I usually just stick with the tanning bed or if the weather permits, I lay by the pool. And to prove that I am really bad, I love me some tanning SPF for this girl. I know I will regret that later. But I do like the idea of going to the tanning bed and then going spray tanning. I might have to try that combo out! Thanks!

  4. Thank you the tips...I am planning on doing the Mystic Tan this summer.

  5. Excellent tips!!! Have you voted yet?

    I know you are very busy...

  6. Great tips! This time of year I have to fake it until I get a real tan...haha.

  7. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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