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May 28, 2009

Julianne Smith Wedding Garter Launch Party

So today was supposed to be the recap of My Mexico Destination wedding trip, Part 3 of the series (Read Part 1 and Part 2), but i'm interrupting the series to give you an update about a FABULOUS Launch Party I attended last night at Hello Cupcake in Dupont Circle thrown by Michelle at HerPResign for Julianne Smith. And I was one of the 10 LUCKY VIP Brides who attended this event. I will apologize ahead of time, b/c I was too busy schmoozing and meeting so many amazing women, that i did not take any photos... but one. and that one was of my SWAG BAG, which was UBER Fabulous! I am hoping to update this post with photos that I will borrow from the other sites!

So let me just recap some FABULOUS ladies i met last night...including a few brides, one whom just got engaged 3 weeks ago! Congrats Theresa from Lettie Gooch Boutique on U Street! Enjoy it :-)

Amazing Event Planners

Vicki from My Simple Details, LLC who was sweet and we chatted about how she got started and her destination wedding in BALI!!! Lucky girl!!

Jeannelle from Jeannealle Muhammad Designs who is a fabulous event planner whom I spoke with via Twitter several times before actually having the honor to meet. She was so sweet and fabulous.

Ivy from Ivy Robinson Wedding & Events, an event planner from Charlotte who does weddings everywhere and was on this past Tuesday's Hitched or Ditched Show. She was fun... but had to leave early, which was unfortunate, b/c i can definitely see myself having a drink or two with this lady

Maria from Ritzy Bee Events who I blog stalk all the time. I "re-met" her last night, as the first time we met was at the I'm Hitched event at Hitched Salon in Georgetown. She is an inspiration. A very very busy lady who keeps an amazing blog... I love to go to her site for inspiration.

Wedding Dress Store

Owners of Hitched Salon, Julia and Carin were out last night, and we got to revisit my infatuation with the Ulla Maija dress I tried on at their store. I still Swoon just thinking of it! And of course I saw them and immediately thought of my amazing experience there trying on wedding dresses for the first time.


Andrea from The Observatory was such a pleasure to speak with. If i was doing my wedding in DC, she's the type of photographer I'd love to have document the event. 1 thing she mentioned to a bride last night as advice for great pictures: "Have fun, let loose, don't stress... if you are having fun and a great time, it'll shine through in the pictures"! Totally great advice.

Shannon from Sevan Photography documented the whole night. Since she was busy... we didn't have too much of a chance to chat it up... but I hope to in the near future... check out her great site and her great blog! The image below is from her blog:

Various Designers

Carla from Carla David Design who does custom invitations and graphic design. She was also another sweet lady who has an amazing talent. I checked out her site this morning and was in awe. I've always lacked that creative gene, so I'm jealous of anyone who has it... definitely someone worth contacting for custom design services.

Brooke from Beegee Bags. I have been coveting her bags for a while now. I've seen them on other blogs, giveaways and sites and always just drooled over them and little did I know... she's a locally based designer. Her designs I think would make for GREAT bridal party gifts!

Penny from Hello Cupcake told me the story of how she got her fabulous chandeliers in her store. A Pink Chandelier really caught my attention and really set the tone in her amazing store. I put her under designer b/c she is a cupcake designer... have you been? have you had? if not, then its DEFINITELY worth it to check out Hello Cupcake!

Julianne from Julianne Smith Wedding Garters... of course, I got to finally meet Julianne whom I've had this internet relationship with for quite some time now... remember this? or this? Well I quickly forgot she was DC based until this event and meeting her was such an honor and pleasure. She's doing my garter for my big day and has created new garters to add to her already amazing collection. Check out her Blog too


Michelle from HerPResign, another amazing lady whom I have had an ongoing twitter relationship with but finally had a chance to meet! She put this shin dig together and it was such a success! From cupcakes to fabulous white jasmine teas, amazing vendors and us lucky brides... I'd have to say, I met so many cool people... and I walked away with THIS:

Now in case you can't see it all, let me list it for you!
So you can say I had an amazing night last night. Met some UBER fantastic people and walked away with a great gift bag of very cool items... I'll post more pics as soon as i get them!!! :-)

Thanks Julianne and Michelle for putting on such a great event!


  1. OK, I had no idea you were in DC! Here's the small world factor - Vicki, from My Simple Design has a twin brother, Vic. Vic is Marie's boyfriend. Marie is a BFF from high school (WSHS). Marie met Vic at Vicki's wedding in Bali and is in several of her fabulous pics, as is my friend Michele, who met Marie (thus, Vicki) through me. Did ya get all that? :)

  2. WOWZA girl you racked up, that is super SWEEEET!!! Love the clutch, so cute!

  3. WOW - that is the most fantastic gift bag. Ever. But now that you posted it, all your guests will want something just as amazing :o)

  4. It was nice meeting you last night! I wish we had a bit more time to talk at the party. Next time?

  5. Absolutely beautiful and stunning is all I can say


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