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May 05, 2009

Just for a little laugh

New (and old) sites that make me laugh

My Mom is a Fob (This one really hits home for me... i was dying of laughter)
Mom: Try this! It’s an Italian Easter pie. My friend at work gave me the recipe.
Me: [Takes a bite] Uhhh…
Mom: Can you guess the flavoring?!
Me: … It tastes like fruity pebbles.
Mom: Ta da! [Holds up bag of Jolly Ranchers]
Me: What on earth?
Mom: The recipe called for “candied fruit,” so I asked Dad to pick some up, and he brought back these.
Mom: He almost brought back gummi bears, but I told him no.
PS. There is also My Dad is a Fob

FML (F*** My Life)
Today, I found out I have a restraining order against me from my ex boyfriend. Apparently, I drive by his house too much and it is considered stalking. He forgot that I live 2 houses down, and MUST drive by his house to get home. FML

Texts from Last Night
(815) Why is half of me covered in green stuff that won't come off?
(1-815) You stripper-danced on a light pole in the quad. It had fresh paint on it.

Check out those sites for non-sensical but very funny tidbits LOL


  1. Those are too funny. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's sad but I wouldn't put it past my husband some days to come back with jolly ranchers or gummy bears as candied fruit.

    Though I'd have to forgive him if any of that was sour.

  3. I showed Lawrence the "My Mom is a Fob" site. We were rolling on the floor laughing at the Skype conversation she has with her parents! Hilarious!!!

  4. I love these sites! Hadn't seen the jolly rancher one, though. Hilarious.

  5. hahaha Those seriously made my day. So funny! :)


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