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May 08, 2009

My STD's and My Wedding!

Almost 13 months into our engagement, much of our planning has been limited to ... well, planning. I've spent many hours pouring over great blogs, getting inspiration and brainstorming how to implement such wonderful ideas... but aside from the thoughts in my head or written down on my blog, nothing is tangible... but very soon. Very. Very. Very Soon. Our first glimpse of all that planning will be shown to our guests... with our Save the Dates.

And even more lucky for me, I won the most recent Save the Date Giveaway right here on Truly Engaging! :) Wooo hoooo!

So, here I am. Knowing that a lot of my ideas can finally become solidified with our STD's... and i'm very excited to take that next step. Although you don't have to use the same design for your STD and the rest of your invitations... i'm very keen on the idea of carrying the theme throughout the wedding! :)

The STD I used in my entries was the Spring Collection

Of course, we'd take out the pink and add more gray to keep with our color scheme of Soft yellow, Gray and Navy trim.

But you see. Magnet Street Weddings has so many choices, so you know i'll struggle with my decision...especially b/c they can customize and change to suit your needs or theme. And while MagnetStreet certainly CAN customize the design, Did you know that YOU, the bride… can personalize the design yourself {playing with colors and fonts,etc} in their online design studio. So My Spring invitation can be customized for me like this:
How cool, right?

Here are a few more that I absolutely love!

Waking Beauty - my love for blossoms can't deny how beautiful this STD design is!
And just to name a few, here are a few more I love

Perfect Petals

Blissful Blossoms

Surrounded by Love

Fresh Glow

Fanciful Flowers

How are you incorporating your STD's into your wedding theme? And be sure to check out Magnet Street Weddings as well as Heidi @Truly Engaging :)


  1. We love their products! Such beautiful designs!

  2. You know, I can never keep acronyms straight. "STD" left me a little baffled at first. Like, "Wow. That seems sort of personal to blog about." But then my brain caught up. Thanks for the a.m. chuckle at my own expense! :)

  3. You've got great taste Amy! I love the std you're leaning towards and the others as well! Selfishly, I'm a little glad that your wedding is still a ways away~ I would sooo miss you! Congratulations on your winning the giveaway! You're "relentless" paid off. :)

  4. gorgeous! your invites will look marvelous! lucky you for winning such a great prize!

  5. How exciting, they look great! I can't wait until I'm at the point you are at!
    I am sending an e-newsletter as our save the date, and it will have the same font and motif as our website and invite, so I'm with you on keeping the theme!

  6. How can you decide? They all look so perfect.

  7. I do love the first one you picked out.

  8. That's awesome you won that great givewaway! I liked the first one you picked..

  9. Congrats on winning the giveaway girl!! Whoo hoo!! With so many beautiful choices to choose from, its gonna be hard, but you're gonna have to pick ONE@! : )

  10. I love the one you picked out and the blossoms one as well. Very pretty.

    I'm working on our STDs at the moment and they're sooo not aligned with our wedding theme. We haven't figured out our theme yet but it definitely won't be what our STDs look like. :)


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