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May 26, 2009

A recap of the Mexico Weekend

So Puerto Vallarta was a blast. I can't emphasize how happy we were once we were finally there... Our hotel was pretty nice. Palace Resorts and it was my first all inclusive holiday, so i was going to make the most of it... Here is a few pics of our room when we got there...

A bottle of wine, some beautiful apples...
King size bed... We definitely need a king size bed at home!
And no, the hat was mine. (to answer the Thirty Something Bride's question) When we first got into the room we dropped our stuff on the bed... then, i wanted pictures, so it all had to come off, but i left the Hat on the bed... lol  :-)
The Jacuzzi tub in the room... um, yeah, TOTALLY AWESOME!
Very nice shower... 
View of the beach and pool
 A sunset view...
It was so amazing... arriving to a complimentary $250 spa credit wasn't too shabby either!

Stay tuned for some pics from the Cocktail reception on our first day there! :)


  1. Wow. I'm so want to go on vacay right now!

  2. So jealous - looks great. How was the food?

  3. Looks gorgeous. I need to head there!

  4. Ohh...this gets me so excited! Our honeymoon is in PV in a little over 2 months! :-)
    It looks so pretty where you stayed!

  5. OMG it looks amazing! And a spa credit! What a great idea. Did the bride arrange that or was it from the hotel?!?!?

  6. So pretty - I'm jealous LOL - I want a vacation so bad!! I NEED one.

  7. ah, I'm relaxed just looking at the photos... spa credit... how fab!

  8. How dreamy!! Looks like everything was amazing.


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