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May 03, 2009

Submerged Inspiration

Some cool Submerged centerpieces via Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours... check them out! (And check out her blog... it's pretty cool!)


  1. ahhhhhh everything is so pretty! I'd love to do some of this for our tables. 2 months out and I still don't know what kind of centerpieces we are having.

  2. aww, thanks for the mention! i fell in love with this type of centerpiece the moment i saw them - now i want to submerge everything! :P

  3. Love this look! I was just perusing some glass vases for centerpieces... these are stunning! Adore the cylinder and the martini styles.

  4. Wow, these are beautiful, yet another set to add to my ever growing inspiration list!

  5. I love the last two. They look like champagne bubbles!


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