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May 11, 2009

{Vendor Tip} Destressing Make up Tip #5


DIY Bridal Makeup?
As a professional makeup artist specializing in wedding and special occasion makeup you wouldn’t expect me to be unbiased on whether a bride should hire a pro or do her own wedding makeup – fair enough, but here are a few DIY points to consider:
DIY if you always love the way you look in photos taken at parties.  Do your eyes pop?  Do you look as beautiful as you want?
DIY if your foundation stays put all day and your shadow doesn’t migrate or crease or even disappear on your lids by day’s end.
DIY if you can effectively cover up “bridal breakouts” on the big day and the above is also true.
DIY if you will not use mineral foundation but a flawless, light absorbing finish that will photograph perfectly.  Mineral base – great for everyday/not great for photos.
 Hiring a pro that makes you look amazing is worth it ~ especially when you consider the cost of the photography and the fact that how you look on your wedding day is captured for a lifetime… Next time we’ll talk about how to make the most of your makeup trial.

Barbara Hill


  1. Love this post, and the concept of DIY makeup!

  2. great tips! i haven't even begun to think about make-up yet, but i did enjoy reading this destressing make-up series!

  3. yea, what kind of foundation? I'm not a makeup user per say...

  4. Glad the posts are helpful! The best foundation depends a bit on your skin type (oily,dry,smooth,acne-prone,etc). We have found that that the Artistry foundations are absolutely the most versatile, photogenic, sheer coverage foundations out there. There are 3 different formulas we use. Email me your "skin profile" and I can suggest best for you. A perfect foundation is #1 most important for your look.

  5. I wear mineral makeup on a regular basis. Should I wear it for my wedding photos?

  6. Liz --
    I wouldn't recommend mineral base for your foundation. It doesn't stay in place for long and the ground minerals reflect light rather than absorbing it, making for an odd luminescence in some photos.It also doesn't give an "eveness" in pics. An oil-free liquid with a talc-based finely milled powder is the best for photography in my 10+ years of experience!


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