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May 13, 2009

Wedding Insurance?

Are you doing wedding insurance?

I thought of doing it for like 30 seconds when i first started wedding planning. But after this whole swine flu aka 2009 H1N1 Debacle that my friend has first hand experience with in her own 5/16/09 wedding where almost everything was completely ruined... I'm starting to rethink the wedding insurance idea.

Having a wedding in California you do have certain concerns. Fires (although usually in the fall, are proving to be during the spring/summer as we see now again in SB), Earthquakes, oh and who knows... maybe even REALLY bad smog... but we never know. So what do i do?

Although I don't think i need the level 5 full coverage, the level 4 is 15k lower coverage and may be cutting it close and for an extra $100, i can get 15k more coverage for the level 5. I'm thinking that if i'm trying to play it safe, then perhaps. Wedsafe also seemed to be slightly cheaper than the other sites I've seen...
What do you think? Are you getting wedding insurance? What was your reason to or not to get it? Any good or bad experiences with a particular company?


  1. I used WedSafe and it was one of the best decisions as I slept soundly after that. No more worries about hurricanes, accidents and so forth. That small amount was totally worth the peace of mind I got from it.

    I almost had to use it when my Father in Law died less than a month before our wedding. We decided to go ahead with the wedding but we were very close to cancelling - if we had it would have been covered :)

  2. I always wondered about wedding insurance. Does it cover ALL costs related to the wedding?

  3. We're doing a California wedding and we got insurance. You can get a pretty cheap policy through your homeowner's insurance (or your parents). You might want to try that out!

  4. Let me know if you do this. I'm curious.....

  5. Wow - now you've really made me think about this! I hadn't even considered it but now I'm thinking of all those non-refundable deposits and non-breakable contracts. For less than $500 I may be sold.

  6. I would have IF we had a destination wedding. But we're not. It's local, so (touch wood) that takes away travel-related and most weather-related issues. (Our season for bad weather is the winter.)

  7. I've never heard of wedding insurance before. I don't think we have it here. So far, the only thing people seem to worry about here is if it rains on the day. But it made sense what you're saying with the fires and flu outbreak.

  8. I was told I needed to buy $1 mil wedding insurance for potential damage to my venue. It will cost me about $250 extra. I think it was www.wedsafe that they referred me to.


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