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June 12, 2009

Engagement Session Outfits

I need some good ideas for engagement session outfits. We want to match but not totally matchy match... so we've got one outfit so far

1). Our Jerseys/Jeans since one portion will be out at a field.

I need a casual and then a casual but dressy casual outfit... help me. And i've got 9 days!


  1. Khakis and a black top always look "casual" but nice.

    As for the casually dressy - cute sundress?

  2. I've always loved a simple shirt with a cardigan. The most important thing is to wear something that you are VERY comfortable in. Have fun!

  3. i HIGHLY recommend a fun little dress! with bright heels or fun jewelry.

    black and white always look nice and classic.

    keep us posted! can't wait to see what you decide.

  4. for your casual outfit, i think jeans, a top, and a cardigan would be really cute. just be sure to add some accessories, like a fun necklace or earrings, to show a little flair.

    for your dressy casual look, i like the idea of a dress, whether it is a sundress or something a little dressier. again, you could wear a cardigan and some cute heels!

    bright colors would be nice, but be sure to think about what colors will photograph best with your skintone. white, black, and red are usually pretty safe, but im sure you know what colors will work best for you!

  5. You: dark jeans with a bright solid shirt.
    Him: medium wash jeans with white shirt

    and variations of that. Go casual and fun to kinda dressy (dress and khakis) so you have a range of moods.

    No crazy patterns. It draws away from your face. :)

  6. Hey! Check out my engagement session outfits here:

    I Loved our more formal and casual outfits!!

    Here's another blogger's e-sesh too:

    Super cute outfits!! :O)

  7. My engagement session photographer said to avoid both black and white tops -- apparently, they wash out skin tones. We went for bright colors that we know to be flattering for ourselves - blue for me, dark green for him. First, solid(ish) tops with dark jeans (my top had a subtle pattern); the solid fun dress for me, suit for him.

    I definitely second the point to wear something you're very comfortable in - you'll express your personality more.

  8. for the casual dressy: definitely a fun dress (maybe print?) with cute shoes

  9. You can check out our engagement outfits in my profile pic. We tried to stay away from being matchey matchey by matching the color of my cardigan to his tie, so it wasn't too obvious that we tried.

    I'm all for bright colors (if you couldn't tell!) and I say go for it! Have fun putting the outfits together!

  10. I saw a great set with jeans and white buttondowns/blue add-ons - ie bride was in white buttodown with a blue cardigan and jeans and groom was in jeans and a blue and white buttondown.

    very preppy but really really good match but not look.

  11. Relentless - I think a cute dress is a good idea. My photographer told me that we should not match, but accent each other. In my casual outfit, I wore a black top with jeans and a turquoise blue beaded necklace. The Candyman wore jeans and a light blue shirt. For the fancier shots I was in a bright turquoise and red flower dress (you saw the pics, right?) and he was in a grey suit with a blue shirt, no tie. I have only seen 4 pics so far, but I like them all. Agree, must be comfy. Also, if you're wearing heels, bring a comfy pair too. You might be walking a bit, depending on your photographer. HAVE FUN!

  12. I say Color- what about yellow for you? The groom can wear white or black, but you should stand out.

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  14. This is such a fun idea that everyone will love! We’re thinking about doing purple and silver jelly beans, but I think including a rainbow of colors outside the color scheme is totally fine, too.

  15. You could try some retro outfits. That seemed to work for our dorset wedding photographer.


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