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June 24, 2009

George Strait, Blake Shelton, Julianne Hough Concert

So, my brother was able to get me a hook up to the Nissan Pavillon, Bristow VA Venue for the George Strait Concert... OMG... When he said hook me up, i expected - lawn seats, maybe some free parking...

This is what i got:

Premium Parking... A private escort (aka the General Manager of the Venue walked us in) and these tickets:

Our excellent wine glass
Taken with my Iphone
 The night was amazing, considering we were under the awning when the big thunder and lightening storm came through... and so appropriate that George was playing with lightening shooting throughout the sky... WOOOO!OOOOO!
It was amazing, and of course, i have to say thanks to my brother and to the GM of the Venue... too UBER amazing!

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  1. Sweet. I've never seen George in concert. So lucky!


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