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June 30, 2009

Getting Ready for MLS' Wedding

On the day of, I arrived bright and early to my friend's house. The three of us trekked to LA to get our hair and make up done. We were on time and had my friend ready ON TIME.  Did i say we were on time... i'm very proud of this fact...

Here are a few photos...

The bride with the stylist... this is pre-make up being finished
Our End results
TA da....
Some photos of the dress and bride... 
I took those last three... doesn't she look lovely!


  1. good job on the photography amy-jean! you all look great by the way

  2. I love those back of the dress/silouetty type shots. My cousin's wife has one from their day and it's are these. Good job.

  3. Good job to you on the last three photos! :)


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