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June 01, 2009

Custom Canvas Art

So as y'all know... my splurge area is in the Photography/Videography area. You've followed my journey on booking my photographer (Hazelnut Photography), my Photobooth (Cheesy Photobooths), my Videographer (Best Wishes Wedding Video), my Live Event Artist (Karen Wall Garrison) ... and you know, that whatever I can do to memorialize my day is my BIG splurge...

Well here's another great idea I wanted to share that can help memorialize the big day... or in fact any big or small event in your life...

Custom Canvas Art via GeeZees (look familiar? Like my last great giveaway at The Relentless Bride?!!!) Basically, you submit a picture, and pick your background and canvas size, and Stephanie at GeeZees Custom Canvas Art turns it into... well Canvas Art... What a unique and special way to display your wedding photos, Children photos, or any other big event in your life.

How cool are these... You can grab a picture, any picture for any big event ... add some color and words and boom, you've got art... wedding art that's not just normal pictures but instead... ART!
Using words without pictures can also be art... Words on Canvas - especially if you are writing your own vows. I love this idea. What is great about turning your photos into canvas art is that you don't have to technically do it on the "day of". In fact, at any point, you can create Canvas art for any occasion. So, as i've possibly stretched my splurge area to its capacity ... for now, I love that I can come back at any time and turn any photo into Canvas Art after the fact.
I probably should include this on my registry, shouldn't i?

Stay tuned for the announcement of the GeeZees Custom canvas art giveaway winner Later today!


  1. I agree these are amazing! What a lovely way to remember your day!!

  2. Oh wow! These are too cool. What a great find. I might have to start adding these to my packages.


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