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June 21, 2009

I missed out on this update...

I've been a bad blogger. You see, part of my blogging is not just writing posts but going to visit other blogs... and many of you may noticed i've been a bit absent. It's not because I don't care... I promise! i hope you know I miss you all so much and this one sided-ness is stopping really soon! Its too hard for me to stay away...

And in my absentness, I missed a post about my photographer who just launched her new site. So i had to go check it out and it just made me fall more in love with her. JORDANA is amazing, so cute and vibrant and has such a passion... I'm so happy she's my photog!!!

Check out her new site and her blog... if you love picture eye candy. You will definitely love Hazelnut Photography! :)

PS. I have my engagement session with her today :) YAY!

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