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June 29, 2009

M&R's Wedding Rehearsal

The rehearsal was one of the funniest i've been to.  Aside from the very exacting (is that a word) church coordinator... the various rules that we were informed of that night, and the duties/responsibilities we were told WE MUST DO... The church was St. Pauls in Fullerton, CA.  Overall, it went without a hitch, but there were a few things that if we could have changed... we would have.
  • Photographer was not allowed to come in front of the last row of guests. Meaning, the photographer could not get alter shots. Or many other shots the bride wanted.
  • They wouldn't clear the chairs, or instruments that were to the right of the alter. Even if we put them back, they still wouldn't... not informed when she got the initial tour, but told the day before
  • Groomsmen were told they HAD TO USHER. Groom did not want this, and politely told the coordinator... this wasn't going to happen.
  • Church coordinator was trying to tell everybody how to walk, how to talk, how to stand, how to adjust bride's gown etc... not suggestions but orders. Luckily the pastor, politely suggested an alternative to which the church coordinator was responsive to. THANK GOODNESS
The big lesson learned: Make sure you have EVERY rule the venue may have and see how that may clash or go with your vision for your day!

I have to give major props to Debbie from Circle Ten Events... (Site/Blog). She was simply amazing... and to handle the drama and details that a multi-cultural wedding required, I was so impressed with her. She was not only an amazing coordinator but you can tell just an awesome person. 

We finally made it (late) to the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner... here are a few photos.

CL (Bride's sister) and the groom
Bride and Groom... giving their thumbs up
Groom's father mimicking the above photo. :)
Rehearsal dinner was delicious. The company was even better.... we were all really excited for the next day!


  1. Amy! Thank you so much for your kind words! I was so honored to be invited to this rehearsal dinner and everyone made me feel incredibly welcome. M&R's wedding party was literally one of the funnest groups I've ever met. :)


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