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June 16, 2009

Maid of Honor Speech Tips

I am giving a speech this weekend. I'm freaked out. I will not lie. Yes I am an attorney, but public speaking makes me want to vomit. But as my friend's maid of honor, it is my duty. But beyond that. It is an honor. I want to do this for her.  And i want it to mean something to both her and me! However, I am nervous... So now i need some advice... So far I've collected the following tips

  1. Keep it brief.
  2. Maid of Honor wedding speech topics should be from your heart! ... Just be yourself... should be appropriate in relation to the religious ambian.
  3. Write a personal Maid of Honor wedding speech, but not too personal. Ask others if the stories you want to tell will not embarrass the bride and groom or the guests.
  4. Make enthusiastic and sincere comments and compliments about the couple, but don't exaggerate. Look at things from the female point of view... Say something in favor of the bride and the other girls in the room. Indeed, your role is like the Best Man - flatter the bride, congratulate the bridal couple, and tease and roast the bride a little. 
  5. Never come up with negative or depressing speech topics. Avoid sex, politics or religion. 
  6. When you have finished a first draft of your Maid of Honor wedding speech, read it out loud in front of someone else and ask for her or his opinion. 
  7. On the wedding day bring note cards with all important key words of your Maid of Honor speech topics. If you know what you want to say it will be easier to overcome any fear of public speaking. Another benefit: they will prevent you from babbling, stumbling or giving a long boring Maid of Honor wedding speech.
Source Speech Topics

Anybody else have some good advice for me?


  1. good advice! public speaking is hard, no matter how much you love the person you are doing it for. my best advice is to speak slooooowly. just take a deep breath and talk slower than you think you need to. also, save your notes, your friend might want to keep them in her memory box. we have the speech that my father in law gave and i love it. good luck!!

  2. AmyJean,
    I have given 2 MOH speeches. The first was actually a poem I found online that was totally random and anonymously posted. However, it completely described the bride and groom's courtship, but in reverse of the male/female roles. I rewrote it and gave creds to the anonymous. It was a hit with everyone. I got tons of awesome feedback.
    The other was how I remembered my friend in her youth and how much she had changed outwardly, but had remained the same inside. I related this to the bride and groom and how I hoped while they grew old outwardly, that their love would remain unchanged. The bride and groom loved it, but others seemed bored and no one said anything to me about the toast later. Go figure.
    This is probably of no help whatsoever, but just thought I'd share. :)

  3. One thing I always hear people complain about is that they couldn't ever hear what they were saying. Make sure you talk into the mic! Sometimes in those big echoey reception halls the sound gets lost immediately. Better to be too loud (then you can even have a lighthearted joke about how you want EVERYONE to hear how amazing the bride is).

    Thanks for the wonderful blog. Keep it up! I cant get enough!

  4. You have some great points already!

    I would definitely keep it lighthearted, not too long, throw in a funny anecdote or two, but keep it personal and compliment them. I got a few compliments after I did a MOH speech. It was pretty nervewracking though but if you can translate your relationship with them, they will love it. Isn't that what really counts too?

  5. I have done a fair amount of public speaking and one thing that always works for me is to make sure I stay centered and don't go into a sort of out of body experience. Take the time to look at the audience, at one person, changing the person every couple of minutes. It helps to remember that it's not a huge audience only, it's also a collection of individuals.

  6. Great advice! I've done a few speeches, although I prefer to call them toasts as it remind me to keep it brief and heart felt. I also try to come up with two funny/lighthearted stories and then on the day of, I pick one to relay. I know this isn't for everyone...but I usually jot down point-form notes and usually just wing it from there...I find that I often speak from the heart.

  7. Great advice! I would also add- 'keep personal stories/jokes to a minimum or none at all.' They may be hysterical and memorable to the two of you but no one out there will know what the heck you are talking about! Good luck!!!

  8. Wow this is all great advice. Thank you guys so much for your input. I agree, talk slowly and loudly, be thoughtful, stay centered, keep everyone involved... and at the end of the day if the people to whom I am actually toasting enjoy it, then i come out a winner :)

  9. Speaking from recent personal experience, keep it short, sweet, and heartfelt. Avoid inside jokes. And if you think you'll get more nervous if you have to wait until after the best man gives his speech...ask to go first! that's what I did and it was the best decision ever! I'm sure you'll do great!

  10. Great tips Amy Jean. Practice! Practice!

  11. Here are a couple more to add to your list;

    1. Make sure to compliment the Groom, just as a Best Man compliments the Bride the Maid Of Honor should return the tribute on behalf of the Bride and praise the Groom.

    2. . Maid Of Honor speeches should be light-hearted and nostalgic so make sure to include one funny/warm story from the Brides childhood, they are always well-received.


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