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June 17, 2009

{Vendor Tip} De-stressing Make Up tip #6

What to Expect at the Makeup Trial – Part 1

Let’s be real, when you hire a makeup artist for your wedding, you not only want to look fabulous but also feel comfortable with the look. To de-stress your wedding day prep, NEVER skip the makeup trial to save $$. You want to know that the look you worked out in advance and loved will be the same way you look on your one special day…

Should you expect to do a “free trial”?
Time is a premium in the wedding business. With only 4 weekends a month, the really great makeup pros cannot afford to give “free trials”. If a no charge trial is advertised, you might expect to feel some pressure to either buy product or definitely book them. At Bridal Artistry we include the trial in the total price package, but allow brides to opt to just pay for the trial, if they aren’t ready to book right away. A makeup artist who doesn’t value her time may not value yours!

Should you come alone to the trial – bring a friend? Your mom?
Up to you. Some know the look they want and come alone confident in judging the experience themselves… others value the input of their mom or a trusted friend to help in the decision. Just consider that the more opinionated people you bring for input, the greater the possibility for a confused bride. You know your friends and mom and how this might play out. Consider what sort of input you need.

What should you bring to the makeup trial?
Ideally, you should wear a white top so you see how the makeup looks with white! A scoop neck or cami top is best to simulate the gown neckline, too. Bring pics of makeup looks you like from magazines as well as pics of your gown, the bridesmaids’ dresses and your floral colors. Getting a “feel” for your wedding style should be important to the makeup artist before doing your makeup. One more suggestion: Plan something fun that evening, so you get the most out of your trial makeup!

Part 2 – What to look for in a makeup professional

Barbara Hill


  1. Great tips to offer our brides-to-be! Thanks!

  2. Excellent informations! Thanks...

  3. As another professional make-up artist, this was great advice. I will definitely post a link!

  4. Thanks for the tips! I definitely agree that a bride should always do a make up trial and a bride should also do a hair trial. My best friend who was married in May never did a hair trial and the day of was a disaster! We were running behind schedule because the stylist had to keep re-doing her hair (and no, the bride was not being a bridezilla at all).


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