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June 15, 2009

{Product Review} Wedding Decor Tissue Pom

It was a long road for me to find my wedding colors (Click here for some color inspirations), but now that I've finally made my decision to stick with my light yellow, gray with navy accents... (much like the way my blog theme is set up). So now with the color theme in place, how to decorate my wedding?

One option that i've explored is the Wedding Tissue Pom.  Have you seen them?

I love love these Tissue Poms!!!

And I have been lucky enough to try out this awesome easy DIY Kit from the Etsy Shop above and look at how easy it was! (All images are my own, so excuse any blurriness.)

1. This is the item i recieved
I followed the directions, which was easy to do. Just pull layers away towards the wire. And TA DA!! This is what i got...

How cool and How easy. I'm thinking i can use this to decorate the cocktail hour, or possibly the cocktail hour and the reception. I love how easy it was and how much fun and color it brings into the my wedding decor.

Are you doing any DIY projects, that aren't all 100% DIY but still make you feel involved?


  1. Great job! You could definitely pull that off!

  2. I'm crazy about those! Lovely in your colours too!

  3. looks great. i really think I want to do this as well!

  4. Really so beautiful, you have done a good job.


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