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July 22, 2009

Best Real Wedding Blog

So the results are in... and the big poo poo is that FH and I didn't' win our honeymoon to St. Kitts. We had an amazing lead the whole week and was just outdone in the last 2.5 hrs of the voting. It was pure craziness but it taught us one thing... we have some REALLY awesome and amazing family and friends - both blogosphere friends and real life friends. Through Facebook, Twitter, email and blogs... we had masses of people letting us know they were rooting for us and really - what better feeling is that. And really, my little blog... nominated as a finalist from hundreds of AMAZING blogs - that was another big perk.

So we competed against a lot of GREAT blogs... some i never even knew of, so this contest also enlightened me b/c there are some amazing blogs out there and i will continue to read them to help inspire me all the way through my wedding and beyond... The Relentless Bride did end up winning the Best Real Wedding Blog Category (this was by how many clicks we got, so all it says is my army of voters were relentless and kept me in the race) but I have to mention the three other blogs in this category b/c they are pretty awesome. inspirational. and a must-read! With This Ring, iDiY and Peaches by Plum (Editor's pick)

I also wanted to give huge shout out to my fellow Weddzilla ladies.

The Budget Savvy Bride - Jessica is not only an amazingly talented graphic designs (check out all our exciting new looks on the Weddzilla page and here - all Jess' handy work)
Jess' blog was the Editor's Pick for Best Budget Wedding Blog!
Congrats Jess. That's super awesome!

The ladies of Bridelines, Jill & Lauren!
Advice for wedding planning from the other point of view. It's simply brilliant. Their motto is "its exactly what your friends are thinking."
"Follow our advice/ideas to maintain your friendships long after all the "I do's." Bridelines will get you through this wedding season and beyond!
Congrats Lady for winning Editor's Pick for Best Wedding Planning Blog. A well deserved acknowledgment for your great blog!

A couple other shout outs to some great finds for me from this contest. Gray's Photography (Uber talented couple who shoot in the Nashville Area) and Michael McNett Photography (who shoots all over the PA-NJ-DE area) and What Junebug Loves and The Bridal Bar blog!


  1. Congrats to all the blog nominated!

  2. So sorry, I know it can be a dissappointment. You have an awesome blog!

  3. Without going into how much I dislike certain colored shoes... you totally should have won. Love you dear and this just means there is something better in store for you ;~)

  4. I hope you get a chance to meet Zach and Jody Gray one day. They are too cool for school!

  5. So close to the grand prize!:(
    Congratulations on winning Best Real Wedding Blog!

  6. BBBOOOOOO! RECOUNT! RECOUNT! It's ok - you have tons of blog friends who will continue to support you. Thanks for blessings US with your thoughts everyday through your blog! You're an amazing girl

  7. Congrats on your win! I'm glad I could help you out, and I'm sorry you didn't win the grand prize! Your blog is awesome...truly.

  8. I can't believe you didn't get the honeymoon! Boo!

    But congrats on winning the category, very well deserved!


    (sorry to hear about the Honeymoon one, but this is an honor too, right????)

    Not exactly sure how many times I voted..., but you could vote as much as you liked... which in retrospect may not be such a good idea on WeddingChannel's part.

    Anyway! I'm so happy! (I Twittered too...)

  10. The Budget Savvy Bride is a great blog.

  11. This blog is best, thank you for sharing.


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