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July 09, 2009

Booking my Florist

So, it's not official but really close to it... I believe i'm booking Allison with Flower Allie. I'm really excited about this vendor b/c she has made me even more excited about my wedding. How odd is that?! I have a vendor who really gets me excited about an aspect of my wedding that to be honest, i did not put THAT much thought into... I know. I know... flowers and decor are a big part of any wedding even if its not a big part of your budget... and even the slightest accents can make a huge difference... so that's why i am even more thrilled about Flower Allie... b/c i am very lost at that...

Here are a few pics from her site, just to show you some inspiration (All photos are from Flower Allie):

I'm so excited b/c she's so creative and so talented... i really can't wait to see what she helps me come up with for our ceremony and reception! :)


  1. whoa I love that arch in the first pic!

  2. i love the daisies on the ground for the ceremony. creative indeed.

  3. I still need to send you a list of seasonal flowers in the colors you wanted. Will try to get you a list next week.


  4. OMG!! i went to her to help me get some inspiration for my bouquet for the east coast wedding!!! She was such a help!!!! I hope you go with her!!

  5. Flower Allie is AWESOME.. I used her for my wedding and she did a fabulous job!


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