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July 23, 2009

chloe and reese

Have you seen these beautiful chloe and reese dresses? I just found out that they now have a bridal inspired collection... You can see them all here, but here are a few that caught my eye...

And of course the yellow one... SWOON!

And the best part - they actually can customize style to color to fabric to really make your bridal party unique... make sure to check out their other styles and dresses at chloe and reese!


  1. So funny...I actually went to the show room last night with my friend getting married because she wanted to get a dress for her rehearsal dinner! The dresses are super cute and come in 200 colors!

  2. Vert cute. I saw you tagged it bridal party, i think it would be a good way to get all same fabric, with designs to match our body shapes!

  3. I love them! Very fun and flirty!

  4. I need to be looking like that second photo.

    awesome dress on a lovely lady!

    hope all is well!

  5. oooh. so pretty! i'm not usually a fan of fushia but i gotta say, it's calling my name.

  6. What lovely dresses, I especially love the 2nd one - very pretty! ;) You've always got the good stuff on your blog...what a fun giveaway you've got going too now! ;)

    Also, thanks again for your kind words and support on Twitter, I truly appreciate it, it's very sweet of you. ;)

    Have a lovely day!


  7. Hi!

    This is Sam from CHLOE & REESE! Wanted to let you in on a little secret sale that hasn't been advertised yet! We are taking off $50-$100 on all our new styles AND we have inventory that is brand new and waiting to find a home or PARTY asto get to ASAP.
    If you and your readers are big C&R fans- I will give you the details of our showroom stock that needs to be sold to make room for our pieces being produced for this upcoming fashion week in NYC....send me an email!
    And don't forget to like us on Facebook- you will get an additional $10 discount when you like our page. <3 made in USA with love and pride <3

    Sam Gray
    NYC Showroom


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