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July 31, 2009

Fun Engagement Shoot inspiration

Have i mentioned before how awesome my photographer (Hazelnut Photography) is? I just got to see Jordana's most recent engagement shoot and fell in love. The colors were so vibrant and the couple she shot -  Haleh & Itai are just adorable together... I had to share, but if you want to check out more from their shoot - check out Hazelnut Photography's Blog

Look how gorgeous her ring is!!!

I absolutely love the shots with the computer. It's so clever and original!


  1. These are fun, i like the one with the ice cream, and her ring, and her watch! lol. fun post, thanks!

  2. How fun!! They look like they had a great time!

  3. Haha - i love the laptop pics. I could totally see my fiance and i doing something like that. their grandkids will love it because i'm sure laptops won't be the same by then!

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    Thanks & keep up the lovely blog!

  5. first time seeing laptops in an engagement session but could totally see it being "real" for most of us!


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