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July 02, 2009

My E-Session

I've shared with you the pics from our engagement session... but i totally glossed over the logistics of my preparation.  I'll be honest. I saw some great sessions and really wanted to imitate them... but just didnt' have the time to put into finding the perfect outfits and etc... having my friend's wedding the same weekend, not only had me busy - but practically late for my make up trial and the photos. But Jordana was amazing... and can i tell you, her talent is just FABULOUS!!!

Things I wish i was better prepared for:

1. How uncomfy certain shots are... Wow, those field/mountain shots are not fun. Some of those plants poke and hurt, the sitting ones definitely aren't comfy... wearing 4 inch wedges probably a bad idea. LOL. Also, fear of snakes is also a bad thing...
2. How cold it can be... Those beach shots... OMG. The sand was freezing, let alone the wind... it was amazingly cold.
3. Practice shots... i wish i had a better idea of my poses and looks... But then again, i'm a bit vain and shallow, so that may be why i care... but i felt unprepared as to how to "look natural".
4. How much fun it can be... By the time we loosened up, i think it was half way done... I think had i been better prepared, i could have enjoyed it the whole way through... and it really was fun. Jordana made it Super enjoyable. But my nerves took a few moments to go away
5. How awesome she makes you look. Had i known i would look so much more at ease than i felt, i probably wouldn't have been so nervous...

Overall, i can't wait until we do our wedding pics. I know understand why Jordana wanted to do this E-session b/c it really does contribute to your comfortability level.  And by the end... we were totally comfortable. So,  I am totally looking forward to getting the rest of our photos... and for our wedding day.

Thanks again Jordana... you ROCK!


  1. GREAT tips! And I love when photogs capture a god side of you that you didn't know you were showing!! :O)

  2. GREAT tips! And I love when photogs capture a good side of you that you didn't know you were showing!! :O)

  3. i thought all the pics turned out amazing. but, it was probably so great for you to go through the engagement session so that you are more prepared for your wedding day. but before than on the actual day!

  4. You two were FAAABULOUS to shoot! And I think you did a top notch job! I love #1, it's so true and people don't realize it. While super sexy and gorgeous, fields are super uncomfy.


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