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July 31, 2009

{Product Review} Flash bags

This is totally different and very unique. Have you seen the flash bags collection?

About flash bags:
"Flashbags was founded in 2006 by Ali Marchildon and Laura Cheney. After being introduced by mutual friends, these two former teachers teamed up to create the plan for growing Flashbags out of Ali's living room and into the real world. This entrepreneurial endeavor is based out of Burlington, Vermont and is growing by leaps and bounds. It started with one home sewing machine and one big idea.

What we love most about Flashbags is that it allows our customers to become a part of the creative process and carry a conversation. We took to our sewing machines in good times and bad- to be creative. And now we can help others create, smile and carry conversations."

What's really cool about these bags are that they are totally green... they start with recycled papers and turn into a bag for you to carry. You can also use pictures as well and any other item made from paper.

And the thing is, they are like real clutches...
How cute!!

And what made me really appreciate the design was the big storm that came through DC yesterday. A friend of mine showed up to my place SOAKED from head to toe and her bag... soaked through! (So soaked i gave her clothes to change into and threw her stuff in a dryer)... and having a bag/clutch made with a plastic cover... well, that'll help keep the water from getting through!

So go on over and check out the creative designs of flash bags...


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