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July 14, 2009

Tagged - 6 things that make me happy!

I was tagged by Westside Wedding and Bridechka and the Wedding to name 6 things that make me happy... so here we go...

So here are the 6 things that come to mind that make me extremely happy.

1. My boys: FH and our two pups are always nearest and dearest to me...

2. My Family... as well as my soon to be family. I've been blessed with an amazing mother, brother, sister in law, nephews and niece as well as my extended family (cousins and uncles/aunts) and my soon to be family is pretty awesome too. I always wanted to make sure that when i got married, that my new family would become exactly that... family and that we'd have no hostility... it was really important to me that not only did i love them, but that they loved me too... and I think i find the perfect fit!

3. Good food. When i have good food, i'm the happiest girl in the world.

4. My blog and great feedback. When i get comments or emails, it makes me so happy. I love making new blogosphere friends and following other brides on their fun journey to wedded land... i also enjoy other cool bloggers who blog about anything they are passionate about. It shows, and It inspires me

5. A beautiful moment. I'm not a great photographer. But when I see a "moment" captured and i can feel the emotion, its an amazing feeling. And when its me that captures it... well - that makes me even happier!

6. Wedding stuff... anything and all things wedding related. Not just my wedding but anybody's wedding. Perhaps its the love that inspires me, or the fact that not any two weddings are the same, and everybody has a different idea of what is amazing... i just love seeing the passion people put in to the celebration of love ... its so much fun!

I'm now tagging

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6. Christy @Christy & David


  1. I love happiness lists. I will post mine on Thursday :)

  2. oh my gosh - i've never been "tagged" before. what do i do??

  3. #2...damn straight you're getting a good family! LOL. Now with my 3 girls and your FSIL 2 only chance of getting married into the family is if you guys have a pressure though. LOL.


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