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July 21, 2009

{Vendor Tip} De-stressing Makeup Tip #7

What to Look for in Your Wedding Makeup Artist

Chances are as a bride-to-be, you have never had to hire a professional makeup artist yourself before. Maybe you’ve had your makeup done by a pro at a friend’s wedding, but how do you decide which makeup artist to trust with YOUR once-in-a-lifetime bridal look to be captured in photographs for all eternity?!

Once you’ve decided to go with a professional makeup artist and checked out their website, set up a trial consultation so they can work out the bridal look you will love and feel comfortable with on your own special wedding day. Here are some things to consider as you decide who to hire:

Does the makeup pro

1) Ask you what look/makeup style you are comfortable with and would like to try for your wedding day? Working out your look step-by-step, showing you progress in the mirror at each point to be sure they are on track with what you want is comforting to you and saves a potentially unpleasant “surprise” if they wait until the end.

2) Ask about your wedding plans, colors, hairstyle choices and flowers to get a “feel” for your wedding style? Your makeup should make you look and feel gorgeous in the flow of the whole day.

3) Arrive on time for the appointment and stay pleasant? The lack of either will be a red flag for the actual wedding day!

4) Use good hygiene standards? Clean brushes, disposable sponges/applicators, a fairly organized makeup kit -- all indicate the artist takes pride in protecting their clients and their reputation.

5) Have a professional demeanor? They should be friendly and relatable but maintain a professionalism that will stand up to the often fast-paced and sometimes chaotic wedding day prep time atmosphere.

6) Really listen to what YOU want and not try to force you into any look you are not comfortable with? It’s your big day to feel special and happy. When YOU feel pretty, everything is good!

When you like the artist and the look – book it!

Barbara Hill
BRIDAL ARTISTRY’s multi-ethnic team of pros back each other up to insure our reputation for beautiful and trustworthy service to our brides.


  1. Great post, I need all the advice I can get in this realm of wedding planning :)

  2. I have voted for you EVERYDAY! I hope you win!!!!! BEST OF LUCK, you deserve it, you have been such an inspiration to me!


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